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Spherical Harmonics and Antennas modelling  

Modeled  base station antenna                                                                                                      Near field reconstruction

  •  The near-field of the antenna is reconstructed from its far-field pattern

  •  The reconstructed field is accurate at few centimetres from the antenna

  •  The model is integrated in commercial software

  •  Published in IEEE APW Letter 2002

Microstrip Cross-Hairpin Filters
  • Filters response:  (m1): -3,3 dB at 1176 MHz                                                                            (m2): -3,3 dB at 1164 MHz                                                                           (m3): -3,8 dB at 1188 MHz

  • Filter rejection:     (m5): -39,4 dB at 1246 MHz

  • Filter return loss:  (m4): -21,6 dB at 1176 MHz

Simulated and measured response                                                                                                                                 RF filter layout

Fabricated filters

Image Reject Mixers (IRM) 
  • IRM: Hybrid coupler 0°/90°, single-ended to  differential drivers, IQ modulator

  • Image rejection over 30 dBc

  • LC Impedance matching: LO (55,8+j 4)                                                            RF (47,9 +j 4,7) 

      PCB Layout

Electrical scheme 

50Ω matching

Frequency Synthesiser 
  •  LO carrier for L1 frequency: -6dBm at 1645,42 MHz

  •  Low phase noise: 14 mrad (1Hz-10kHz)

  •  Loop filter : 20 kHz cut off, 45° phase margin

Electrical scheme                                                                                                              Phase noise measurement 

PCB Layout

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